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What Type of Exercise is Best?

What type of Exercise is best?

Patients often tell me they exercise most days a week walking and some even jog. This type of aerobic exercise is good but interval training is much better.

Steady state aerobics cause men to lose their muscular chest shoulders and arms and women to lose their curves. Look at Olympic runner versus sprinters. The runners whether a man or woman have the same muscle composition. The sprinter men look like NFL linebackers and the women are often on covers of magazines. Our lung capacity grows with interval training where as steady state aerobics causes our lung capacity to diminish so we can last at a steady state for a prolonged time. Aerobics takes 60 to 90 minutes, interval training 12 -30 minutes.

Interval training increases human growth hormone levels, restores optimal brain chemistry, reduces metabolic syndrome, increases lung, heart, and skeletal muscle output. Our bodies respond to the extreme stress so we can live longer and pass on our genes because we survived the saber toothed tiger attack. This type of exercise lengthens our DNA and is anti-aging and pro increased quality of life as we age.

John Alevizos, D.O.

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