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Testosterone Hormone Therapy For Men


Men don’t go through menopause, right? Wrong! Male menopause or andropause is as real for men as menopause is for women. It just doesn’t get as much press. Today, there is help for men in the form of  testosterone replacement hormone therapy.

Not surprisingly, both menopause and andropause are caused by a decline in hormones as we age. Men will see a more gradual loss of testosterone and other hormones. Symptoms such as muscle loss and weight gain may appear as a slow but steady decline.

Men of all ages can be negatively impacted by Low T or low testosterone (hypogonadism). Testosterone is responsible for healthy sexual function, reproduction, muscle and bone strength. Low T inhibits all of these, including sexual desire. Other symptoms of Low Testosterone include weight gain, night sweats, moodiness, insomnia, hair loss and fatigue. Natural bioidentical testosterone treatment can improve Low T symptoms dramatically.


What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is the principle hormone in a group of hormones called androgens. The number one organ in our body with the highest amount of testosterone receptors is our heart. Through a chemical process it releases nitrous oxide to open up our arteries. The second highest amount of testerone is our brain, once again to open our arteries, which improve blood flow. Third is our bones. Fourth is our muscles, broader chest, back, and shoulders, tighter skin, fuller lips, etc. As a matter of fact, look at an aging man’s gut and narrowing shoulders. We begin to start looking like pears, being shaped more like a woman than a man…Fifth is our fat cells. At puberty boys get a six pack, whereas women get fat on their curves. Number six is below the waist for men and women, who both need nitrous oxide to improve blood flow, desire and performance.

In men, testosterone is produced by the testes, whereas in women, testosterone is primarily secreted by the ovaries. So if you feel you have symptoms mentioned above that may represent low testosterone, consult your physician.

You can live a healthy, active lifestyle in your 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond. Bioidentical hormone therapy can help maintain muscle mass, build bone strength, speed metabolism, boost energy, and improve sleep. Many men who suffer from diminished libido or erectile dysfunction find Dr. Alevizos’ individualized bioidentical hormone treatments improve their sex lives.

Dr. John G. Alevizos of Alevizos Medical offers bio-identical hormone replacement therapy programs specifically targeted for men. For a free consultation, please call us at (949) 916-3600. Most insurance PPO’s cover hormone replacement programs.

Disclaimer: Please note Bio-identical hormone therapy results may vary. The health results claimed on our site are based on medical studies and also individual results. However, these examples may not be applicable and/or typical to all patients of Alevizos Medical.


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