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Psychological relief during stressful times, naturally.

During our current pandemic, most of my patients state they are stressed to the point where they are considering asking for medication to help them. Medications are an acceptable way to calm down and function within our work, family, and environment. For all of us and especially my “never medication” patients please consider exercise to take care of the problem.

In the Journal Of Applied Psycology, January 2012, it is noted that a study from Tel Aviv University in Israel was done with 1,632 healthy private and public sector workers. Those who experienced four or more hours a week of exercise were half as likely to experience deterioration in their mental states com[pared with those who did no physical activity.

The study also suggests that physical activity during leisure time may be an effective stress management tool. In the journal of Sport and Exercise Psycology, February 2012 pages 807-827, it is noted that people who are more physically active reported greater levels of excitement and enthusiasm, compared to people who are less active. And, further, these pleasant feelings were greater on the days when they were more physically active. In summary, from these and several other studies I have read, the more exercise one gets, the less depression, anxiety and psychological stressors one will experience.

Exercise outdoors if you can for the additional benefit of sunlight going through our eyes and affecting our brain anti depression and anti anxiety hormones to be released. Furthermore when outdoors during the day our body corrects our circadian rhythm. This lets our brain know when to release daytime wakeful hormones for get up and go. Also out night time go to sleep durn the brain and body off so it can re charge itself. Sunlight is necessary for this.

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